The Sycomore launched out of Baltimore, MD with the intent to produce and publish stories that detail the reality of participating in a relationship with Christ Jesus. The idea was to curate a space that explores and shares the process of following Jesus: that asks questions about it; that showcases voices, stories, and moments from the people trying to do it; that openly shares joys, struggles, and desires found in the journey. This site is that idea in action.

This publication takes its name from the story of Zacchaeus, in Luke 19. There, we find a crowd too numerous and too tall for Zacchaeus to see the man at its center, so he ran ahead and scaled a sycamore-fig (or sycomore) to get a glimpse of Jesus. As readers, we can infer many details to round out this passage, but ultimately Zacchaeus simply wanted to see this man at the center of a crowd. And because of his eagerness and position, he got a pretty unique view.

Our hope is that The Sycomore will be a place for people of all sorts to share a view of Jesus from their personal, unique vantage point. 

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