The Man We Meet Along the Way

The iron-clad fixture on the cover of The Sycomore’s e-zine, The Man We Meet Along the Way, serves as a good indicator of what awaits inside: a ferocious and noble collection of personal essays from the intersection of life and the works of C.S. Lewis.

Jeff Elkins, in his essay “My Time”:

I sat back in my chair and looked at my hand. I could see the worms. I could feel the mud of the swamp consuming my skin. I imagined my face rotting away. A hard shiver stabbed my spine. My brow broke out in sweat.

I pushed the book away, across the table, and sat up straight. I took a deep breath. My mind raced with realization. I closed my eyes, trying to make the revelation stop. Hot tears pooled behind my eyelids. I took another deep breath. Panic gripped my gut. I wanted to run but could not move. A painful tear of recognition escaped and rushed down my cheek. I grabbed the book and turned back to the beginning of the chapter and read it again. Then again. And then again. With each read I knew nothing would be the same.

Brittany Tarr Cragg, in her essay “Out of It I Will Not Go”:

If I let myself be honest, I cannot say I love God, others, or myself in a way that I would gladly have Lewis caricature. I am not so selfless, so abiding in Truth and Love Himself, that I radiate the surety and strength of Heaven’s joy as Sarah Smith [in Lewis' The Great Divorce] did.

Chinwe Edeani, in her essay “The Answer is a Person”:

There was no bedside goodbye, no time to prepare or think of what her loss would mean. One day, she was just gone, and the ground shifted beneath my feet. I could now say with Job, “What I feared has come upon me; what I dreaded has happened to me.”

Five other essays fill out the rest of the collection, which is also enrolled in Amazon's Book Lending program.

The e-zine is available exclusively through Amazon, and it is compatible with all tablets through the free Amazon Kindle app. Please share your thoughts or comments on the Amazon page for other perspective readers. We thank you for your support while we continue to bring original stories of style and substance showcasing the amazing and transformative nature of Jesus.

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